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The Law Offices of Bradford E. Block provides mediation services to resolve business disputes. We can work with you and your attorney in resolving disputes both before or after a lawsuit is filed.

The Advantages of Mediation Are:

  • The parties, not a judge and jury, control the result.
  • Much less expensive and time consuming. Results may be achieved in a day or a few days, not years. Lengthy negotiations, discovery, trial preparation and trial are gone.
  • If there is no agreement, you can still have a trial. Mediation does not slow the process. Meanwhile, all discussions are strictly confidential and mediation does not harm your case if it must go to trial.
  • Less stress. The mediator reviews the case and meets with the parties together and separately to learn the essence of the case, and then works with the parties and their lawyers to resolve the dispute. When a deal is struck, the parties sign an agreement and the case is over.
  • The mediator discusses the business elements and how a judge and jury would view the case. At the least you gain more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  • Business synergies may play a role. Maybe the parties can resolve the dispute by including a new venture with mutual benefits.

Our mediators gained formal mediation training at DePaul University Law School and are members of the Association of Attorney-Mediators.


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